Whoa! 5 Terabytes of Data on a Single Optical Disc

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Mempile optical disc

No, it’s not here yet. But we can all look forward to the near future when we can swap our DVDs and Blu-ray discs with Mempile’s 5TB optical discs.

The Israeli company claims to have already developed optical discs that can store one terabyte of data (that’s 1,000GB compared to BD’s 50GB or DVD’s 4.7GB), and will be able to store 5TB on these discs using blue lasers.

The 1TB Mempile optical disc is the same diameter as a DVD, just a bit thicker, and it contains 200 virtual layers each able to store 5GB.

The Mempile technology employs 3D recording of data on a solid polymer polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)—a mixture of Perspex, Lucite, and Plexiglass—known as ePMMA.

[Site: Mempile.com]
[Via: Ars Technica]
Photo: Mempile

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