Toshiba Unveils 20Mbps SD Cards

Toshiba Class 6 SD Card

Toshiba today announced its highest speed memory card: the Speed Class 6 SD card with a transfer rate of up to 20MB per second. Toshiba is first in the industry to announce the launch of Class 6 products.

The Class 6 SD card will be available in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities. They will be exhibited at the consumer electronics trade fair IFA in Berlin, Germany which will be held from September 1-6, 2006.

Toshiba is trying to promote the SD Speed Class classification developed by the SD Card Association earlier this year. The SDCA introduced the SD Speed Class to define three minimum data transfer rates for the next generation of SD Cards: Class 2 supports a minimum data transfer rate of 2MB a second; Class 4 supports 4MB a second; and Class 6 6MB a second.


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