Still Exasperated by The Inkjet Refill Racket?

Continuous Ink System

Jon Chase writes, “Home inkjet printers and their ilk have for a while now embodied the best and worst of the technological state of the union, as it were. Simply put, they are mainstream products with incredibly high-end engineering, but also represent a ludicrously false economy in the worst way. And for a decade, printer companies have been laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.”

Well, we’re still in this quagmire. We want to print our own photos and the technology is there. But at up to $8,000 per gallon, inkjet ink could be the most expensive liquid in the world, more expensive than the priciest champagnes or the most luxurious perfumes.

So, what do we do? Where’s that Kodak printer that promises to answer this problem? Why does this razor-and-blade trick continue to persist?

For me, I’m seriously looking into this continuous ink alternative. It connects bottles of ink to your printer and it promises to be much lower in cost. You can find it here, or here. For general purpose printing I think it would be fine. There’s only one way to find out, try it and evaluate it after six months or so.

But first, read Jon’s lament about how HP gets 40 percent of its $2.63 billion operating profits from last quarter and how they’re able to keep it that way.


Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.