Sony to Offer 12.47 Megapixel APS-C Sensor

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Sony IMX021 12.47MP Image Sensor

Sony Corporation today said they will go commercial with their new IMX021 APS-C size image sensor which is capable of capturing 12.47-megapixel photos and shooting in bursts of 10.4 frames per second.

The IMX021 is designed to meet the demand for rapid image capture and advanced picture quality with digital single-lens reflex cameras. Aside from using it in Sony’s own DSLRs, the image sensor will also be available to other camera makers.

Sony said one of the main strengths of CMOS image sensors is their potential for system integration, enabling both analog and digital circuits to be combined on the same chip. IMX021 maximizes these advantages, while also incorporating the company’s newly developed “Column-Parallel A/D Conversion Technique”, providing each column within the sensor with its own A/D converter, according to the company.


Published by Chris Malinao

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