Sekonic Launches SL-308DC Light Meter for Cinematographers, Photographers

Sekonic SL-308DC Light Meter

It’s available now, the new Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate light meter, a compact and easy-to-use light meter aimed at DSLR videographers and photographers.

Sekonic said the new light meter features a full range of shutter speeds plus a special grouping of cine speeds and shutter angles and indicates exposure in f-stops to one-tenth step. The unit’s LCD readout can be customized to display only specific functions needed for the task at hand for fast, easy operation.

The L-308DC can meter in three modes: HD Cine Mode, Cine Mode and Photo Mode. It can also meter three ways: via its Lumisphere for incident light readings, via the Lumidisc for lighting green screens, adjusting ratios and taking lux and foot-candle measurements, and via reflected light readings to measure the brightness of subject tones, gray cards, light sources or window light.

[Site: Sekonic]

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