Sandisk to Market Write-Once Read-Only Memory Card

Microscopic View of 3D 4-Layer Flash Memory

Sandisk is planning to introduce into the market a new type of write-once ROM flash memory card which can be sold cheaply to end-users.

The card uses what the company calls “3D memory,” and is now being tested in a pilot program. The cards, once full, would not be editable, nor would the data be able to be deleted. The card would store data for 100 years. Sandisk is billing the new card “the new digital film”.

Details are skimpy, but reports that way back in 2002 Matrix Semiconductor was showing off its Matrix write-once memory which can be made much more cheaply than flash memory and will last more than a hundred years. Shown above is a microscopic view of Matrix’s four-layer flash.

Sandisk bought Matrix for $250M last year and this could be the “3D Memory” they are talking about now.


Published by Chris Malinao

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