Rocky Nook Releases Nikon D80 Dbook

Nikon D80 Dbook by Rocky Nook

Rocky Nook today released the Nikon D80 Dbook, a book in digital form that offers all you need to understand and effectively use your Nikon D80 DSLR. It comes with a companion booklet for ready reference.

It’s more than just a manual though for the D80. It also discusses the fundamentals on all aspects of the digital image creation process: digital photography basics, taking pictures, image optimization, lenses, accessories, and much more.

The Nikon D80 Dbook comes in CD form, with more than 580 digital pages in Acrobat PDF format, offering clickable examples and digital images that explain before-and-after situations and clearly illustrate the individual stages of the processes involved. High resolution RGB images help to illustrate subtle differences and effects which would hardly be visible on a printed book page.

Rocky Nook Dbooks also include a handy booklet for use on the road, which is filled with practical overviews of your camera and menu options.

The Nikon D80 Dbook is authored by Rainer Dorau, Rudolf Krahm and Helmut Kraus (the book is in English). All three authors are members of the exclam! network, a pool of creative freelancers, and are responsible for writing many of Nikon’s official user guides in Europe.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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