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Product Review: Alien Bees ABR800 Ringflash

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Working with a professional ringflash typically involves a large heavy flash head bolted to your camera and a studio pack at your feet, both being quite expensive requiring a substantial investment for this very specialized gear - until now. Paul C Buff, owner of Alien Bees, has released his latest in the line of buzz worthy products. The Alien Bee ABR800 is a monolight ringflash which aims to bring the ringflash to the masses with reduced weight, integrated power and a low price point. In addition to traditional ringflash use, the ABR800 boasts a line of modifiers and accessories that make it a flexible light source for any studio. The following review was conducted on an early production model of this product.

Manufacturer Alien Bees
Product ABR800
Format Monolight
Price (MSRP) $399
Buy Now
Output (WS) 320/800
Power 120 VAC
Dimensions 8"diam, 4.5" d
Weight 2.5 lbs
Power Range 1/32 to full, continuous
Modeling Light 150 watt (8, 10 watt bulbs)
Slave built-in
Remote Control optional (RR1)
Portable Power optional (AB Vagabond)
Sync Type 1/8"
Reflector 10" silver
Accessory Mount clip
Flash Bulb 2, half circle
White Balance Setting 5600K
Recycle @ full 1s
Accessories 30" Moon unit softbox
Flash Duration 1/2000s
Sync voltage <6V
Flash Bulb Durability (flashes) 250k - 1M

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