Plateaus and Canyons by Bruce Barnbaum


O’Reily has announced a new book, Plateaus and Canyons: Impressions of the American SouthWest by Bruce Barnbaum (Rocky Nook, 220pp, $44.95 USD), an anthology of photographic essays on the remarkable colors of Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Factory Butte, Colorado River Plateau, White Cliffs, Painted Desert, and so many other Southwest American locations.

In a series of short essays throughout the book, Barnbaum shares his stories, thoughts, and feelings about this majestic territory – from his first introduction to the “Canyon Country” in 1974, when it was little-known and rarely photographed, through the changes he witnessed over the years as more and more people visited the area, and finally to the irreversible effects the multitudes have had on it.

These 95 large-format color photographs, each with an accompanying description, are certain to captivate, inspire, and above all, encourage a new appreciation of the wonder of our planet.

Bruce is recognized as one of the finest darkroom printers in the world, both for his exceptional black-and-white work, as well as for his color imagery. He has authored several books, some of which have become classics including The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression.

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