OWC Modservice Converts Your MacBook Into a Tablet Mac

OWC Modservice Converts Your Mac Into a Tablet PC

It will cost you quite a bundle, but if you really must have your Apple MacBook as a tablet PC then the Modbook Plus service from OWC (Other World Computing) is the way to go.

Starting at $1300, the new Modservice will strip down your existing Intel Core 2 Duo based MacBook, replace the LCD with a touchscreen and add some software to convert it into an Axiotron Modbook, the only Mac-based tablet computer that lets users draw and write directly on the screen.

OWC is an Axiotron Authorized System Manufacturer (AASM) fully certified to convert existing MacBooks into full-featured Modbooks.

You can also opt for some pre-assembled Tablet Macs starting at $2200.

[Site: Macsales.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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