New Samsung Chip Brings High-End Imaging to Mobile Phones

New Samsung Chip Brings High-End Imaging to Mobile Phones

Samsung Electronics has announced its newest quarter-inch optical format, 5-megapixel system-on-chip (SoC) image sensor, the S5K4EA, which aims to bring digital still camera functionality to high-end mobile phones.

The chip was revealed at the sixth annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum held at the Westin Taipei Hotel. Targeted at smart phones and advanced handsets, the S5K4EA SoC imager combines a CMOS image sensor with an image signal processor, promising mobile handset designers a cost effective and size efficient solution.

“Mobile phones today allow us to stay in contact with friends and family not only by voice and text but also with high resolution images,” said Dr. Lee Yun Tae, senior vice president, image development team, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. “To meet the current demand for slimmer, sleeker mobile phones with digital still camera capabilities, Samsung brings 1.4-micron (um) pixel technology to this state-of-the-art imager solution.”

[Via: Business Wire]

Published by Chris Malinao

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