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Litepanels Use LED Lights for Studio Lighting


Litepanels, Inc. has introduced an interesting type of lighting technology for photography, movies and videography using LED lights. That’s right, LED lights which we know are very robust, long-lasting, cool and energy-efficient. The same light that indicates Power On in many of your electronic gadgets have white-light cousins that have found their way into bright flashlights, and now into studio lighting.

The Litepanels Micro model is available for about $299, a lightweight version that can be mounted on top of the camera to provide a soft directional fill light. The cool thing about Litepanels is that you can dial up the exact light intensity you want. They are infinitely dimmable from 0 to 100% intensity.

They also have the Litepanels Mini which comes in single or dual kits and the Litepanels 1×1 (1ft x 1ft), pictured above, which can be mounted on a light stand or tripod to provide a flicker-free and broader light source.

While their initial marketing was geared towards movie and video production (they’re based in Hollywood, CA) I don’t see why this can’t be useful to stills photography as well.

[Site: Litepanels.com]

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