LightSource Podcast Interview Series

E034 Patrick Hoelck

In this edition of LightSource, Bill and Ed talk with celebrity photographer, Patrick Hoelck.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

Special Guest:

Patrick Hoelck, photographer discusses his lighting style and his approach to his photography.

Patrick Hoelck

Patrick Hoelck Photos

LightSource Episode 34 (Interview Series) [38:41 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

Special Guest Patrick Hoelck discusses:

  • His distinct lighting style
  • Choosing the right number of lights for a shot
  • Controlling light with flags
  • His favorite lighting equipment
  • Why it’s not about the gear
  • Important influences on his photography
  • Backlighting the subject
  • Lighting for men versus women
  • Advice for emerging artists

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