Lexar Introduces 16GB ExpressCard SSD

Lexar Media ExpressCard Solid State Drive

Lexar Media, Inc. has launched its ExpressCard Solid State Drive with auto-backup software. About half the size of a PC card, the Lexar device plugs directly into the ExpressCard slot of a notebook PC.

It comes in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Its auto-backup software allows for automatic regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) backup without user intervention after the initial setup.

The company says the Lexar ExpressCard SSD takes advantage of ReadyBoost, a Windows Vista feature that improves system performance without having to add DRAM to the computer.

The ExpressCard SSD serves as an additional memory cache, which is a reserve section of memory that the computer can access faster than if it were accessing data from the hard disk drive, according to Lexar.

There is a report however that the Lexar SSD reads only at a fair 15MBps and writes at a sluggish 3MBps, compared to one laptop drive that churned about 30MBps for both read and write.

[Via: BusinessWire.com]

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