Leaf Offers Aptus 65 Digital Back at $13,995

Leaf Offers Aptus 65 Digital Back at $13,995

For a limited time, the professional-quality Leaf Aptus 65 medium format digital back will be available for only $13,995. That’s a bargain according to Leaf America, considering that it normally retails at $18,000. The offer is good until July 31, 2008 only.

The company said the Leaf Aptus 65 back has a 6×7 cm touch-screen display and delivers vibrant, 28-megapixel images, adding that it is the solution for professionals seeking value without compromising image quality, flexibility or productivity.

“The legendary Leaf quality is easy to see when using the Aptus 65,” says Leaf America VP Mark Rezzonico. “The 16-bit digital image gives photographers a 12-stop dynamic range. ISO sensitivity is 50-800, allowing both studio and location assignments to be handled efficiently. The Aptus 65 captures images at 1.5 seconds per frame, or 40 frames per minute, with a CCD size of 6144 x 4622 pixels.”

[Site: Leaf America]

Published by Chris Malinao

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