LaCie Unleashes 5TB SATA RAID For Video & Photo

Lacie 5TB Biggest S2S 5-disk RAID

That’s 5,000 GigaBytes of storage space for the new LaCie Biggest S2S 5TB, enough to hold all the photos and videos you can produce in a lifetime.

LaCie says the 5TB Biggest S2S 5-disk RAID is designed for digital content creation applications. With its eSATA 3Gbit/s interface and direct eSATA-to-SATA connection, a single LaCie Biggest S2S is capable of reaching burst transfer rates of over 200MB/s.

For advanced professionals, up to four S2S units can be connected on the included eSATA PCI-X/Express Card to achieve a massive 20TB solution with a burst speed of over 600MB/s.

In RAID 0, the eSATA interface offers enough speed to edit hours of 10-bit HD uncompressed video, or play back up to six 8-bit SD video streams.

Disks are hot-swappable for instant expandability – no need to power down the computer. Advanced features include the ability to customize email alerts in the event of disk failure and to create unique RAID sets to fit different needs.

LaCie Biggest S2S comes pre-configured in Fast mode (hardware RAID 0), in which the disks are striped together for the fastest speed. The Biggest S2S can be easily configured to Safe (hardware RAID 1); Safe + Fast, (hardware RAID 0+1); Big (hardware concatenation); or JBOD.


Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.