Kodak Introduces New Professional T-MAX 400 B&W Film

Kodak Professional T-MAX 400 B&W Film

Film, of course, is not dead; it continues to have its special place in serious photography. That’s why companies like Fujifilm and Kodak are still at it.

Kodak, for example, has just released the new T-MAX 400 Black & White Negative Film which utilizes the company’s patented T-Grain emulsions to deliver finer grain and higher sharpness.

Kodak boasts that the T-MAX 400 now stands alone as the world’s finest grained and the world’s sharpest 400-speed black-and-white film, offering photographers a level of clarity normally only available from a 100-speed film. T-Grain emulsions, first introduced 25 years ago, remain the gold standard in the photographic industry according to the company.

“The new T-MAX 400 film provides a grain structure that is superior to anything I’ve seen in a 400-speed film,” said noted photographer and master print maker John Sexton. “That, combined with Kodak’s legendary quality control and consistency, makes this film a most valuable tool.”

[Site: Kodak.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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