Imaging Resource on the Nikon D700: Excellent, Smart & Well Built

Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera

The new Nikon D700 full frame DSLR is pretty much a D300 in handling and performance, with the very same excellent image quality of the bigger and more expensive D3. Oh, we know that by now from the user reports that crop up from all over the world.

Adding to that chorus of approval is Imaging Resource’s review of the D700 which states that the “Nikon D700 is mostly an amalgam of the D300 and D3, actually borrowing more features from the D3 than the D300; but the overall look and feel is more D300 than D3.”

It’s excellent, smartly designed, and built well, according to reviewer Shawn Barnett. The review also notes that the D700 is a logical upgrade path for serious photographers already invested in a D200 or D300.

Shawn writes, “The bulk of the story is that the D700 is a lot like a D300 with a full-frame sensor, and that’s pretty much how it shot in the field. The only major difference I experienced when shooting the D700 was that the lens’s 24mm setting produced an image that looked like it was shot at 24mm: more like the one I used to get back in the days of 35mm film SLRs. That’s a welcome change.”

[Via: Imaging Resource]

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