Hasselblad Announces New H4D Medium Format Cameras, Says Your DSLR Focus is Deficient

Hasselblad H4D Medium Format Camera

Hasselblad today announced their new H4D lineup of medium format cameras: the H4D-60 and H4D-50, updating the H3D series in their stable of high-end cameras.

The H4D-60 features True Focus with APL (Absolute Position Lock), which makes auto-focus substantially easier and more accurate for photography professionals, according to Hasselblad.

The company claims there are focusing issues with multi-focus points that are clustered at the center of DSLR cameras, which still requires shifting the camera to reframe with a resulting loss of focus.

The H4D-60 overcomes this, said the company, by utilizing a “modern yaw rate sensor technology to measure angular velocity in an innovative way.” Hasselblad says the APL processor accurately logs camera movement during any re-composing, then uses these exact measurements to calculate the necessary focus adjustment, and issues the proper commands to the lens’ focus motor so it can compensate.

The Hasselblad H4D-60 will begin to ship in November 2009 with a retail price of €28,995 or about US $42,500. The H4D-50 will be priced at €19,995 or about $29,300 when it comes out in Q1 2010.

[Site: Hasselblad USA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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