GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Records GPS Data for Your Photos

GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr

The GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr device remembers exactly where your pictures were taken. With the included software, you can keep track of your locations, where you’ve been for example during your vacation. The device records 3 to 4 weeks worth of travel data.

It works pretty much like the Sony GPS-CS1 device, making use of the wealth of mapping data that Google Maps provide, tracking photos with satellite precision. The difference (PDF, 20.6KB) is that while the Sony device only supports certain Cyber-shot models, the GiSTEQ photo tracker supports all digital cameras.

The company also says GiSTEQ is integrated with Flickr online for quick and easy photo sharing. There is no subscription and no monthly fee required to use the GiSTEQ service. You can start using the GPS tracker unit immediately after buying it without any additional fees.

Before buying the device, check to see if it’s for you. The tracker unit needs to be attached all the time to your camera with a USB cord to be able to acquire GPS data, and it needs a clear view of the sky for its GPS tracking to work; obstruction by trees and buildings may render it useless. Also, some areas may not yet have detailed coverage in Google Maps.


Chris Malinao

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Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.

2 thoughts on “GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Records GPS Data for Your Photos

  1. Steve

    I just got this device in the mail and I was googling it to read about anyone elses experiences with it…I read your article and heres what I experienced with the device….
    This device does not have to be attached to the camera via USB to acquire GPS data… I don’t even know how the camera would know what to do with it…and you would need a mini usb to mini usb cable…(which I’ve never seen) anyhoo…. To use this you do the following:
    1. You turn this unit on. A voice announces it is searching for the satellites. then it tells you when it has a location
    2. Connect the device to your computer and start the included software
    3. The software will display the GPSs internal clock (that was synchronized to the satellites when it got a lock)
    4. Set your camera time to match the GPS time.
    5. Leave the unit on and take pictures whenever you want
    6. When you are done taking pictures upload the gps data into the software. Then import your pictures and it will write the GPS data into the EXIF data in the jpg…
    7. When you upload your pics to flickr they automatically go onto your map.

    Also this unit will get a location indoors and fairly quickly too. Well worth the $99….well I got it as a present, but I still think it’s a good deal…Check it out

  2. Kavin

    I got the GISTEQ phototracker last week, it works great!! No connection is needed when shooting pictures.

    The hardware has a sensor built-in which the power will shut down when “not moving” is detected in 10mins. It means I don’t need to turn the power off when it left in my car, and I have not even re-charge the battery for more than 5 days so far, that is cool…

    I like the slide show which display all my photos with map automatically!!!! It even show photos with each address location not just lon & lat..

    The trip logs display on the integrated google map or google satellite map with Play-Back feature…

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