Arca-Swiss RL3D Viewfinder Camera Available Now

Arca-Swiss RL3D Viewfinder Camera

Arca-Swiss has launched the RL3D, a state-of-the-art professional viewfinder camera with new functions for making high-resolution images both digitally and on film. It features a universal camera with increased shift, enabling users to take images in multiple formats up to 4×5 inches.

The company said the modular ARCA-SWISS photographic system enables you to use elements from the F- and M-Line cameras as well as a binocular viewer, lens hoods, bellows and other accessories to significantly enhance the functionality of the ARCA-SWISS R-Line.

The optional electronic module extends its versatility even farther as it electronically calculates and displays data relating to level, distance from the subject and focused distance, as well as depth of field. The quality of the image is determined by the choice of digital or film back, and by the type of film or format selected.

The Arca-Swiss RL3D viewfinder camera is listed at €4650, about US $6300.

[Site: ARCA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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