Spain’s Imaginarium Intros Cam1 Camera Phone for Kids

Cam1 Camera Phone by Imaginarium

The Cam1 from Spain’s toy-maker Imaginarium is also a phone. It’s a mobile phone for kids. Notice the interface: it doesn’t have the usual cellphone keypad. You know why?

Parental control is why. They’re just kids, and you gotta have control on who calls them and who they can call. It’s you, the parent, who makes a pre-determined contact list through a web-based interface. Outgoing and incoming calls, including text messages are limited to the pre-approved list that you make.

You know what else is good about this 2Mp camera phone? It’s got a locator feature, not to location-stamp the photos, but to enable parents to locate the phone by GPRS triangulation.

Imaginarium will formally launch the Cam1 (Cam Uno, I suppose) at Barcelona’s 3GSM trade show next week.

Now, Engadget, did you get your facts straight?


Published by Chris Malinao

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