Samsung Announces 1.8”-Type 64GB Flash-based SSD

Samsung 1.8�-Type 64GB Flash-based Solid State Drive

Samsung has announced a 1.8″-type 64GB flash-based solid state drive that’s a drop-in replacement for tiny hard disk drives in mobile devices like UMPCs, portable media players, mobile phones and MP3 players. It is also becoming a viable solution for personal navigation systems and digital camcorders, even network servers.

Samsung said the new flash-SSD is based on an eight gigabit (Gb) single-level-cell (SLC) NAND, which provides significantly higher performance over conventional SSDs.

The company added that flash-SSD is a secure and reliable means of storing personal or work-related data. It uses instantly-accessible, non-moving NAND flash memory instead of the noisier, power-hungry, jarring-sensitive rotating disc found in conventional hard drives.

The new 1.8” 64GB SSD performs much faster with a read speed of 64MBps and write speed of 45MBps. Samsung plans to start mass production of the 1.8”-type 64GB flash-SSD in the second quarter of this year.


Published by Chris Malinao

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