Apple Introduces the Macbook Air, World’s Thinnest Notebook

Apple Macbook Air

At the Macworld in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today unveiled the Macbook Air, a notebook PC so thin it can fit in a manila envelope. It sports a 13.3-inch widescreen display that instantly turns on to full brightness the moment you open it up. It uses LED backlighting for instant-on lower-cost power. Keyboard’s back-lit too, and it’s full-size.

The Macbook weighs only 3 lbs. At its thinnest point it measures 0.16” and 0.7” at its maximum height.

The trackpad also features something new that’s learned from the iPod Touch. Finger gestures like pinch, swipe and rotate do some nifty things on the computer display.

And it’s kind to the environment: recyclable aluminum case, mercury- and arsenic-free display and the circuit boards are bromide and PVC free. The Macbook Air is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor that’s 60% smaller than usual and uses a 1.8-inch 80GB HDD, with options for a 64GB SSD and an external USB Macbook Air SuperDrive. Ships with Leopard, starts at $1799.


Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.