This Google Guy’s Photo Album is Star-Studded

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Tan Chade-Meng with Jiimy and Rosalyn Carter

This guy has been hobnobbing with just about everybody who’s somebody, but nobody knew him. Until now.

Tan Chade-Meng’s name has made it to New York Times for his gallery of photos with world celebrities who visited the Google campus in Mountain View, CA. You see, the guy works there and every time a public figure drops by, Mr. Tan manages to get a photo-op.

Google approves of this, of course, with boss Eric Schmidt saying Mr. Tan is “representative of much of what is right and fun about Google.”

Tan’s photos with famous figures now line a hallway at Google headquarters; it is now ‘mandatory’ for public figures to pose with him when they visit Google.

To take those photos, Mr. Tan uses an ordinary point-and-shoot digital camera, nothing fancy. But his collection is priceless.

[Via: New York Times]
Photo: Tan Chade-Meng

Published by Chris Malinao

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