Suitcase May Hold Negative of 1936 Falling Soldier Photo

Falling Soldier by Robert Capa, 1936

Robert Capa’s 1936 photo of a Spanish Republican militiaman at what appeared to be the precise moment he was shot has fascinated and intrigued people for seven decades.

Was it real? Was it staged? The definitive answer may lie in a suitcase that could contain the photo’s negative. Experts have only begun digitally scanning the negatives in the suitcase which was discovered in Mexico. After scanning, the images will be scrutinized frame by frame; the process could take a year.

The Falling Soldier photo had only been reproduced from a vintage print; its negative has yet to be found.

But the ICP – an organisation founded by Robert Capa’s brother Cornell – strongly defends the picture’s authenticity.

[Via: Amateur Photographer]

Published by Chris Malinao

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