Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S 20X External DVD-Writer Records Directly Without Using a Hard Drive

Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S 20X External DVD-Writer

Samsung’s TruDirect SE-S204S 20X External DVD-Writer allows users to create DVDs and burn digital content through a PC without the need for a hard drive. Because that step of transferring data to the hard drive has been eliminated, DVD creation is now faster. The SE-S204S can record from almost any digital device.

Similar to VCR recording, users can connect a digital device such as a camcorder, digital camera or Web cam to their PC or notebook, and then connect the Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S to the computer to burn DVD movies directly.

Compared to using a hard disk drive, the SE-S204S cuts down on the time it takes to create DVDs as no pre-mastering, multiplexing or hard-disk buffering is needed, enabling real-time, fast, and simple recording of personal videos, photos or data files onto DVD discs. Creating a DVD of a one-hour video stream only takes one hour and five minutes compared to 1.5 – 3 hours by using competing methods to create a DVD; from a one-hour hard disk drive camcorder file just takes 30 minutes, compared to one hour by using a hard drive.

The Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S 20X External DVD-Writer is available for $160.


Published by Chris Malinao

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