Samsung Launches SpinPoint S166 3.5” Hard Disk Drive

Samsung SpinPoint S166 3.5� Hard Disk Drive

You think that with the advent of the solid state disk with all its advantages the good old hard disk drive will spin to oblivion? No, sir. The hard disk drive is still being perfected and Samsung Electronics today launched its new SpinPoint S166 Series of ultra silent and high-speed hard disk drives.

Samsung is currently shipping the 3.5” hard drives in 80GB and 160GB capacities featuring upgraded versions of Samsung’s proprietary SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies to accelerate operational speed while reducing noise.

Consider these benchmarking test results: similar competing models generate 2.8 bel in idle mode and 3.2 bel in seek mode, while Samsung’s S166 series generate just 2.4 bel and 2.75 bel respectively (1 bel = 10 decibels). That’s a 15 percent reduction in noise, a perceptible difference in quiet environments.

The S166 HDD spins at 7,200rpm and provides an 8MB buffer. It features the SATA 3.0Gbps interface and includes Native Command Queuing (NCQ). Samsung says the drives are also available with a PATA interface for customers who require this application.


Published by Chris Malinao

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