PURE: Celebrating the Darkroom Process in Black and White Photography on Sep 7-30 in Savannah, GA

Kathleen Thomas Photo

There’s a very special photography show coming up on Friday, September 7, which aims to perpetuate the fine art and craft of traditional photography; yes, the one that uses black and white films, and silver gelatins and real darkrooms, not digital.

That’s also the craft perfected by the likes of Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

“PURE: Celebrating the Darkroom Process in Black and White Photography” showcases a variety of approaches to fine art photography, from landscapes and portraits to more experimental work. It will run September 7-30 at the Starlander Coffee House, 11 E. 41st St. in Savannah, GA. Framed prints will be available for sale.

The photo exhibit is being organized by PURE Community Photo Cooperative which aims to preserve classic black and white photographic processes. Proceeds from the exhibit will be spent to create community darkrooms. The aim is to have six enlarging stations as well as a dedicated gallery space for silver gelatin photography. The facility also will offer regular community classes focusing on traditional photography and alternative methods like palladium printing, platinum printing or even pinhole photography.

Established in February 2007, PURE unites professional and amateur photographers in a common love of film, negatives and darkroom chemicals.

[Via: SavannahNow.com]
Photo: Kathleen Thomas

Published by Chris Malinao

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