Launches, Seeks Photo Subjects for 100 Photographic Voices Book

Rolando Gomez

San Antonio, Texas-based professional photographer Rolando Gomez has launched a website,, dedicated to showing the power of photography to build and rebuild self-esteem.

One of its major goals is to encourage photographers, medical professionals and people to share their experiences and inspire photography as a healing tool to coincide with traditional, professional, medical treatments.

“Photographic therapy doesn’t replace professional, licensed therapists, or physicians. Rather, it’s a photo community created to better help visitors discover the power of photography to affect the mind, heart, body, soul, spirit, and health,” says Gomez.

The author of three best-selling photography books, and an instructor at some 320 workshops throughout North America and Europe, Gomez has seen close up the power of photography to uplift, motivate, and inspire its subjects. Childbirth, illness, troubled relationships, job loss, aging, weight gain, or life’s other stresses can weather a woman’s self-esteem, temporarily or long-term. Gomez returns his subjects’ self-esteem by taking photographs that capture their inner and outer strength, spirit, and beauty.

Gomez is also looking for candidates for his latest book project, 100 Photographic Voices. The book will showcase 100 women who have experienced heightened self-esteem following a photographic therapy session or sessions, which, in turn, led to an upturn in their lives.

[Site: Photographic Therapy]

Published by Chris Malinao

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