Pentax Retires the K200D SLR, But Why?

Pentax K200D SLR Camera

Pentax today announced they are retiring their entry-level K200D digital SLR camera, consigning it to their list of discontinued cameras after just 9 months of its marketing run.

Discontinued of course does not mean lousy, as the K200D joins the K10D – another excellent camera – in Pentax’s pantheon of retirees. Discontinuing means Pentax is just not making enough money from the K200D, not too many people are rushing to buy the K200D in comparison with the more successful Nikon D60 and Canon EOS 450D.

At its price point, the K200D actually offers more professional-level features such as superb build quality, dust-proof and splash-proof body, 11-point AF system, large viewfinder, top LCD display, sensor dust removal and in-body image stabilization.

What did it in is its default JPEG setting, just like its older K10D sibling. Where the K10D’s default JPEG setting was underwhelming, the K200D went in the opposite direction: it was overwhelming with oversaturation and over-sharpening. This of course can easily be remedied by tweaking the default settings to your own liking, or shooting Raw. But that will be too much bother for the amateur shooter.

If you’re still thinking about buying the K200D, buy it now before it completely disappears from the market. It’s an excellent camera for the price.

[Site: Pentax Japan]

Published by Chris Malinao

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