Pentax Launches “Be Interesting” Ad Campaign

Pentax "Be Interesting" Ad Campaign

Pentax is taking a new tack in its advertising campaign with its “Be Interesting” slogan to communicate the company’s invigorated brand positioning. Pentax says their target audiences are “independent spirits who see the world through a different lens.”

Today’s challenging economic times definitely call for more creative approaches at marketing, and the Pentax brand, which has been churning out excellent cameras since the 1950s, is finding it increasingly hard to compete with giants like Canon and Nikon. Instead of colliding head-on with its competitors in the megapixel race and whiz-bang add-on gizmos like video in DSLRs, Pentax appears to be ushering its audience towards a different direction.

According to the company announcement, “The campaign’s creative look and feel simplifies the brand’s new positioning to “BE INTERESTING.” The tagline has changed the face of all PENTAX communications, including brochures, packaging and internal communications. PENTAX users, and people who are naturally drawn to the brand, truly are independent spirits. They don’t follow. They decidedly beat their own drum. The campaign’s idea is to celebrate that independent spirit. And tie that spirit directly into PENTAX products.”

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Published by Chris Malinao

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