One Terabyte in a Single Drive, and It’s Green Too!

Western Digital 1TB RE2 GreenPower HDD

The new WD RE2 GreenPower line of hard disk drives from Western Digital offers storage capacities of 500GB, 750GB and 1TB and they’re all environment-friendly. No, they don’t plant trees or soak up oil spills or sign up with Greenpeace; they’re green in the sense that they’re energy-efficient.

WD RE2-GP hard drives are designed with power savings as the primary attribute. Western Digital says the WD RE2-GP hard drives offer massive capacity with significant power savings and lower total cost of ownership compared to other competitive enterprise-class drives.

Each WD RE2-GP hard drive consumes an average of 4-5 watts less than competitive hard drives, making it possible for energy-conscious enterprise customers to build servers and storage subsystems with higher capacities, consistent performance, and assured reliability, all while promoting energy conservation.

That should translate to a savings of about $10 per drive per year. A large data center with 10,000 GreenPower HDDs can save $100,000 in yearly power costs.

[Site: Western Digital]

Published by Chris Malinao

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