Olympus Enables Wireless Flash for SP-560UZ via Firmware

Olympus SP-560UZ

Olympus has a firmware update for the SP-560UZ, and if you own the camera, you are well advised to download the new 3.1 version so you may be able to use the two optional wireless flash units FL-36R and FL-50R recently launched together with the E-3 DSLR camera. You can even set it up with multiple wireless strobes.

The SP-560UZ is the first Olympus digital compact camera allowing extended functionality, such as wireless flash shooting, via the firmware update. The SP-560UZ has inherited the same control options as the E-3, which means that one of the four channels can be used and the flashes can be divided into three groups to distribute the light selectively.

The internal flash acts as controller only and has no influence for exposure. The compatibility of SP-560UZ with FL-36R and FL-50R is enabled only after the firmware update.

Firmware download is initiated via the Olympus Master Software that came with the camera.

[Site: Olympus.co.jp]

Published by Chris Malinao

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