Nikon Officially Launches D3x; Not Worth $8,000?

Nikon D3x DSLR Camera

Nikon Inc. has officially announced the D3X after a series of leaks and apparently intended miscues, so now, what? The D3x is an FX-format digital SLR featuring “extreme 24.5-megapixel resolution and superb low-noise capabilities,” according to the blurb from Nikon, but is it worth its $8000 price tag?

On closer inspection, the most noticeable upgrade for the D3x is only its 24.5-megapixel sensor, doubling the megapixel count from the previous D3 model which was 12.1 megapixels. Well, you know what the elves say about megapixels: the more of them you have, the greater your susceptibility to image noise (maybe that’s what delayed the D3x announcement).

Nikon’s marketing department might say that with more megapixels you will still be left with enough resolution in case you have to crop your picture. Yes, but serious photographers who will buy the D3x are certainly the bunch who knows how to frame their photos right from the start.

And look, the D3x shoots at 5 frames per second in continuous shooting, in contrast to its D3 predecessor which shoots at 9fps. An upgrade?

Is the Nikon D3x worth the $8000 it’s asking? Not with the excellent Sony A-900 around or the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, both priced at about $3000. Never mind that the D3x doesn’t even offer HD movie capability. Heck, if I really have to buy Nikon, I’ll go for the original $5000 D3 instead, or the $3000 D700.

[Via: Nikon USA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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