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E020 David Hobby aka Strobist

In this episode, Bill and Ed talk with David Hobby from


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

Special Guest:

David Hobby, aka the “Strobist”.

David Hobby aka Stobist

David is a photographer who works professionally as a news photographer and runs a web site for portable lighting and flash strobe enthusiasts called

David Hobby Photos

View David Hobby’s web site at:

LightSource Episode 20 (Interview Series) [36:14 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

  • Update to Canon 5D and EOS 1D firmware
  • Trail version of Nikon Capture NX and camera control NX
  • ACDSee photo editor is released
  • The first photo contest ends today!
  • When celebrities become sports photographers

Special Guest David Hobby discusses:

  • Why speedlights?
  • His philosophy of lighting with flashes
  • His photo gear
  • Loving pocket wizards
  • Making existing light work for you
  • McGyver style lighting
  • Found object light modifiers
  • Building a basic portable kit
  • The amazing ball bungee
  • Frosted Flakes brand snoots
  • Surviving the never ending equipment cycle
  • Working with infrared and TTL flashesHis very favorite SB24 flash
  • Using manual flash and camera settings
  • The role of batteries
  • DIY approach to lighting
  • Macro studio in a box
  • Cardboard strip lights
  • How began
  • What you’ll find on
  • On assignment – ongoing education

Photo discussed on the show:

Strobist Photo

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