E008 Single Light Studio Setups

This episode of LightSource finds hosts Bill and Ed discussing the use of a single light in the studio.


Bill Crawford, publisher of StudioLighting.net (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive IStockPhoto.com photographer (Flickr)

LightSource Episode 8 (Audio Article Series) [26:30 minutes]



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In this episode:

Lighting and Photography news:

Plus, Bill and Ed discuss:

Audio Article: Single Light Studio Setups

  • Bill and Ed talk about using a single light in the studio
  • Effects of moving the light around the subject
  • Hard and Soft Light
  • Effects of distance on light quality (see article)
  • Adding Reflectors to a single light setup
  • Ed’s favorite – Lastolite Trigrip reflector
  • Using Foamboard panels for reflectors
  • Diffusion Panels as a main light source
  • Using Mirrors for Hairlights

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