Leica Says M8 Here to Stay (And They’re Backing it Up)

Leica M8 Rangefinder Digital Camera

Leica UK says the M8 digital rangefinder camera “remains our most important product for 2008/9.” Leica reiterated its commitment following speculation about a possible full-frame successor to the M8. Its CEO recently got fired for disclosing that possibility.

“As ownership increases, users seem to really appreciate that it is a faithful reproduction of a true classic M, but in digital form,” said David Bell, Managing Director, Leica Camera Ltd., UK. That owner base number may have already increased since the day Leica wrote 4,000 letters of apology to owners of the first edition of the M8 due to some problems with white balance and infrared sensitivity.

The company said in its latest press statement that “Leica’s specific CCD sensor design, integrating a very thin cover glass which avoids undesired refractions and the combination with additional UV/IR filters, is getting the very best out of the fabulous M lenses.”

They’re sweetening the deal, too. Leica is now giving a £500 ($1000) cash back if you buy the $5,495 M8 and a selected lens.

[Site: Leica]

Published by Chris Malinao

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