Leaf AFi Digital Back Camera Goes on European Roadshow

Leaf AFi Digital Back Medium Format Camera

Digital backs designer Leaf is showing off its next-generation, medium-format digital camera aimed at professional photographers, the new Leaf AFi.

Previewed as a prototype at Photokina 2007, the Leaf AFi is ready for prime time. Leaf is now presenting live demonstrations to selected audiences in the UK and travel across Europe to Russia, providing a first-look at a revolutionary medium format digital camera solution that matches the demands of high-resolution digital shooting.

The Leaf AFi provides professional photographers with a 6 x 6 medium-format digital camera solution in a compact design. The product line offers 3 models: Leaf AFi 7, Leaf AFi 6 and Leaf AFi 5.

The roadshow began September 11 in Nottingham, UK and is now in full swing. It will end in Zurich, Switzerland with an open house starting October 27, 2007. Full schedule at the link below.

[Via: DPNow.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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