LaCie 5big Network Goes Up to 10 Terabytes Capacity

LaCie 5big Network Hard Drive

LaCie has upgraded its network storage solutions – the LaCie 2big Network and the LaCie 5big Network – to include improved performance, enhanced features and backup support, and a massive capacity expansion up to 10 Terabytes of storage.

The company says their 5big Network takes advantage of a Gigabit Ethernet connection and features five hot-swappable drives that support seven RAID modes. Now, with the latest capacity advancements, the 5big Network includes a 10TB model, making it the first in its class to offer double-digit capacity.

The 2big Network is a two-bay RAID device that provides up to 4TB of professional storage. Its upgrade includes features such as Windows Active Directory Support (ADS) and local backup. It also supports integration with MS Windows network domains, making it easy for IT Administrators to manage.


Published by Chris Malinao

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