Zeiss Jena Tessar 13.5 4.5 in Leica Thread Mount....RARE For Sale

Zeiss Jena Tessar 13.5 4.5 in Leica Thread Mount....RARE

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Zeiss Jena Tessar 13.5 4.5 in Leica Thread Mount....RARE :

READ BEFORE offerDING....We are a camera store and have been in business for over thirty years. On this site we sell USED photo equipment… ALL ITEMS ARE IMPERFECT. Expect them to have normal signs of wear and use FOR THEIR AGE. We do not usually repair, calibrate or run film through equipment. Shutters are timed by ear and operation is determined by observation. The description "needle deflects" does NOT mean the meter has been tested for accuracy or consistency, we are only trying to tell you that the meter isresponding to light and/or current.We make every effort to accurately describe the product we are selling and we provide photos of the actual item you are buying. Most of our items have hundreds of parts and dozens of surfaces, they all wear, scuff and corrode through time and use. We list things that significantly affect operation or use, for example, old mechanical shutters that stick or jam as opposed to simply being a little slow. In lenses we try to mention those things that will significantly affect THE IMAGE: pits on the rear element, separation or fungus inside the periphery, as opposed to having a little dust, small particles, edge crinkle or a few cleaning marks. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY, so (unless otherwise stated) we will let you return anything for any reason, and we give you fourteen days to contact us and provide a tracking number for the return of an item. There is NO SENSE in our trying to mislead you (when you return something we lose shipping costs, plus listing fees, plus labor costs etc)...by the same token we expect you to know something about what you are buying. A beautiful 70 year old camera will show more wear, have looser mechanics, have collected more dust and exhibit more cleaning marks than a beautiful 20 year old camera. So if I tell you that Sofia Loren is a beautiful woman, you shouldn't claim she is "not as described" because she has two wrinkles on her neck. Just because we do not mention a surface or a function DOES NOT mean we are telling you that it is perfect or meets manufacturer's specs on the day it was made. If you have concerns or questions, about older equipment please ask them first, or assume the worst before you offer. Please note: this sale is ONLY for the item(s) pictured and described. There are no other accessories, pieces, parts or packing included beyond the photo and description. Thanks.

Here isan early Carl Zeiss Jena 13.5 cm 4.5 Tessar in a rangefinder-coupled mount for Leica thread mount,with the proper caps.Cosmetics aregood all around with no significant dings or dents on barrelonly minor scuffing and wear from being carried and beingover 70 years old.Glass is clear and clean without mars or scratches.Only a littledust or haze. BUT NOTICE: Both focus and aperture work but are fairly stiff.....This lens has been stored since the eighties, and would be better for a little cleaning and lubrication. This is a rare configuration and while it can be used, it probably needs to go in the collection. Please study the photographs carefully as they are the best description.Please ask any questions and we will get right backto you.Other than Global, there is NO International shipping. Thanks for looking.

For U.S. customers: We ONLY accept Paypal with a confirmed address (Items usually ship within three business days after receipt of payment) We use USPS, UPS, and FedX, with proof of shipment. Any item over $200 requires a signature and full insurance.

We make a real effort to ensure that your item arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition.Our prices include the the postage proper plus the expense of wrapping the item, packing the item, the packing materials, often a trip to the post office, and the wages of the person assigned to the job. Also, we use only those carriers that allow us to prove we shipped the item, and confirm that you received it. Look at our response and see how often our excellent packing is mentioned. Please note: We CANNOT re-negotiate price after receipt of the item. If you believe that the item you received is not the one described in the sale, damaged or in some way unacceptable contact us and provide a tracking number within fourteen (14) days of receipt and we will accept return of the item. Upon receipt of the item (in the same condition it was sent)we will issue a refund for the purchase price plus the shipping we charged you. You must pay ALL RETURN shipping costs.

We DO NOT ship out of the USA. If you are trans-shipping to some other country, please remember that the 14 day period begins when our package is received at your USA address. We CANNOT re-negotiate price after receipt...Please provide the tracking number within the 14 day period and we are happy to issue a refund when it arrives safely. Please offer with that in mind. Thank you

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