Stereo Realist Red Button viewer supercharged by DrT - LED bulb, etc For Sale

Stereo Realist Red Button viewer supercharged by DrT - LED bulb, etc

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Stereo Realist Red Button viewer supercharged by DrT - LED bulb, etc:

Rare & Desirable Stereo Realist Red Button viewer - serviced by DrT

- Please look at the pictures -

This viewer has been serviced by myself ($60 value). I have done the following:

  1. Disassemble viewer completely

  2. Clean lenses

  3. Clean electrical contacts. Note: there was some corrosion in the contacts that has been cleaned.

  4. Lubricate key parts while putting back together

  5. Clean and polish case and logo

  6. Install friction tabs

  7. Install an LED bulb. This gives bright white color light. If you find the light too bright or too blue, I am also including an original standard bulb.

  8. Repaint the interior with white paint.

  9. Put everything back together and check for proper operation

  10. Comes with original box

Note: The top cover fits a bit tight but it is fine.
No issues noted, viewer works well and has good lenses.
Original box and instructions included.

I have a lot of experience servicing these viewers for 25 years now. I also have a book written about these viewers.

You cannot go wrong with this viewer!

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I buy/sell/service 3d photography equipment - I sell on consignment

If you have any questions regarding this item, your purchase, or stereo photography in general, do not hesitate to contact me!

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Who is DrT?

  • PhD in Materials Science from Northwester University (Metallurgist, retired)

  • Photographer since 1984 (still use Minolta MD equipment)

  • Stereo photographer since 1988 (Realist, RBT S1, Fuji, etc.)

  • member since 1996, serving the stereo community since 1994.

  • Founder & active member of the Ohio Stereo Photographic Society (near Cleveland OH USA)

  • Active (since 1988) member of NSA (National Stereoscopic Association - I attend most conventions)

  • Member (since 1994) of PSA (Photographic Society of America), Master 1 PSA exhibitor in the 3D Division

  • Active in stereo photography education, lectures, workshops, tutorials, editor of Stereogram

  • Stereo Realist camera use and repair (I have written a book and have a web page)

  • Stereo film mounting, I sell mounts and supplies here on .

  • Stereo slide viewers (have written books and service all of them, and sell supplies).

  • Digital stereo photography with the Fuji, Panasonic 3D1, single and twin cameras

  • Hyper/hypo stereo photography

  • Panasonic 3D Lens, modified for stereo

  • Twin Samsung NX1000 cameras for normal & hyper stereo

  • Use of flash in stereo

  • Stereo projection - film and digital

  • Runner since 2000, ultra-runner since 2007, completed 100 mile races, running 20+ marathons & 50K races/year

I appreciate your business and I hope to see you back!

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