Betzin Primarette German folding TLR camera CLA works Compur Zeiss Tessar RARITY For Sale

Betzin Primarette German folding TLR camera CLA works Compur Zeiss Tessar RARITY

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Betzin Primarette German folding TLR camera CLA works Compur Zeiss Tessar RARITY:

Betzin Primarette German folding TLR camera CLA works Compur Zeiss Tessar RARITY

Made byCurt Bentzin, Gorlitz, Germanyin 1933-37. Camera takes 6x4.5pictures on 127 film. Very unusuall construction.Viewing lens with parallax correction that moves synchroneusly with focusing. With cable relase you have release outside of shutter.It is TLR camera, despite incorrect information in McKeowns price guide that it is just 2 lens folding camera and NOT a Relfex. You can clearly see the folding reflex finder on back, MC Keown probably never have had it in hands. You focus looking in finder. Ok, finder is darker, I think this focusing work just in good light not in darker room, but it works.Very rare folding camera. First specimen I am offering during my history. Very low numbers manufactured, look at serial no of mine camera and lens is from 1931! Description: Ser. No. 48!!!LensCarl ZeissTessar75/4.5ser. No. 1247713, uncoated, stops up to 32. ShutterCompurwith speeds 1-1/300 and B.Cosmetically is this camera EXCELLENT.Chrome with fewscratches. Leatherette with some wear but complete.Brass top paintloss, edges of bed with minor wear. Look at pictures.Nice and clean specimen. Absolutely original, no repainting attempsWithout case. Shutter was recently overhauled therefore works properly, shutter speeds are appropriate. Glass on lens is clean, no fungus, no scratches .Focusing and stopping is smooth. Bellows looks light tight (controlled with flashlight). Camera looks to me to be properly working (simple words but I played it with it a bit... Psst, mirror is replacement from Flexaret, original one lost mirrorin layer. We are repairing, overhauling, cleaning and lubricating every camera, lens, binocular, microscope ... to restore its original functionality as much as possible. However we are not disassembling it completely and clean every part in ultrasonic cleaner separately if not necessary. If I am not satisfied how something works - considering item age and construction - I will write about it in description. You do not need ask me if it works, we did everything possible to repair it, and I believe for some groups is our repair workshop between the most qualifying in world. Get it working better can only better repairman (or with better replacement part source). However I am not manufacturing them, therefore always read carefully my description about glass, etc. Btw, if you need repair some older mechanical camera, lens, accessory, binocular or microscope you can always ask me. Air mail shipping and handling charge is WORLDWIDE EXCLUDING EUROPE $41 - INSURED; to EUROPE (including countries those are not in European union) $26 REGISTERED (letter), it has automatic insurance coverage up to €100 (Euro) per packet, if higher insurance is required than available shipping option is $35 INSURED (parcel - wait for my invoice if you want use it). They do exist express options (EMS and business packet) to most countries of world however cost are different (expensive) you need ask about them separately. If post will confirm that insured packet was lost or damaged (you need claim by delivery) I will replace it - when impossible refund the full amount. I need wait for post confirmation, too many crooks lately trying to have both item and money.It is included in it incombinable $5 packing and handling charge that remains by combined shipping. Rest of charge I will combine and calculate just true shipping charge for packet to your country if you will purchase more items. I have declared up to 10 days handling time for my items. I need this time to control and last time test every item, for items shipped out of European union put it in custom office that needs 2-3 days prepare documents and transfer packet to post office. Expected postal delivery time is usually up to 2 weeks but delays simple happens, for example in USA packet often need more days for security control in custom office. For these reasons I choose to check shipping option "economy shipping ... 11-20 business days", I hope that you will get as quick as possible (in most cases you can calculate get packet 1.5-2 weeks after payment date if you are in European union, 2-3 weeks for rest of world) but really I can not affect work of custom and post offices worldwide anyway and delays can happen. Online trackable it is in some countries, for example USA, China, Japan. Contact me before making any or Paypal claim, PLEASE!Combined shipping saves often costs per item considerably but not in all situations, ask about exact items. By very cheap item is possible ship uninsured - this will cost $3 less, but I will do it only if you will declare that you will not make any claim if packet will be lost by transport.

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