HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today by Brian Hogan

Develop with Tomorrow's Standards Today by Brian Hogan

This is for photographers who also design their own websites: HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today is a new book that will get you up to speed on the new HTML5 elements and CSS3 features you can use right now, and supplies backwards compatible solutions to ensure that you don’t leave users of older browsers behind.

The new book by author Brian Hogan explains the many useful new features of HTML5 and CSS3 so you can deploy them right away. Gone are the days of adding additional markup just to style a button differently or stripe tables. You’ll learn to use HTML5’s new markup to create better structure for your content and better interfaces for your forms, resulting in cleaner, easier-to-read code that can be understood by both humans and programs.

You’ll find out how to embed audio, video, and vector graphics into your pages without using Flash. You’ll see how web sockets, client-side storage, offline caching, and cross-document messaging can ease the pain of modern web development.

HTML5 and CSS3 by Hogan (Pragmatic Bookshelf, 280 pages, $33) is available now.

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