Goodbye, Kodachrome, It’s Been 74 Years!

Goodbye, Kodachrome, It�s Been 74 Years!

Kodak is saying goodbye to its venerable Kodachrome color film after 74 years of iconic service. Since 1935, Kodachrome has been creating Kodak moments for families and professional photographers and over the decades it has become the film of choice for a number of great photographers who worked for magazines like Life and National Geographic.

But after 74 years, even Kodak agrees that Kodachrome has seen its best years, not only because of the advent of the digital age, but also because film users have moved on to newer films like the Kodak E100SW and E100VS.

Existing Kodachrome stock will last until early fall, after which the icon will take its permanent place in photographic history.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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