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Special Guest:

Rich Legg, commercial stock photographer.

Richard Legg

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LightSource Episode 70 (Interview Series) [49:59 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

Special Guest Rich Legg discusses:

  • His path to becoming a stock photographer
  • How he decides what to shoot
  • Being inspired by LightSource
  • Choosing models and finding friends
  • Paying models
  • How to decide the return on an investment for a shoot
  • Finding stock photos everywhere
  • Educating people about his work
  • Turning portrait work into stock
  • Post processing for good stock images
  • How much time he spends preparing images
  • Rejection rates
  • Camera and lighting gear
  • Choosing the best images from a session
  • Doing a quality white background isolation
  • Lighting for stock photography
  • Studio vs Location shooting
  • Making good backgrounds for stock
  • Photowalking Utah [ ]
  • Sharing his knowledge with photographers
  • Advice for new iStockphoto contributors

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