DPReview Verdict on Canon EOS 60D: Unsurprisingly Good

Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera

DPReview.com, granddaddy of camera reviews, says the new Canon EOS 60D is unsurprisingly good, being “built from familiar enough components.”

But it’s not an upgrade to the 50D; the 60D moved to a different slot – between the enthusiast-level 550D and semi-pro 7D. In careful language, DPReview says it is “not a criticism of the 60D to suggest that some of them (40D and 50D upgraders) could reasonably decide that they need the 7D’s additional features.” The 60D is housed in a lighter plastic body; the 50D’s is magnesium metal.

It noted, “The more pertinent question is whether the 60D makes sense as an upgrade from the 550D/Rebel T2i. From our testing, it appears to offer no appreciable image quality benefit, but purely in terms of ergonomics – the larger grip, better viewfinder and two-dial control system – we think it’s well worth considering. If you’re someone who will benefit from the swivel screen it’s an even easier decision. And, for the Rebel upgrader it’s a better option than a second-hand 40D or 50D in almost every respect.”

[Site: DPReview.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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