Buffalo Tech Pops 320GB Portable HDD

Buffalo Technology 320GB MiniStation TurboUSB (HD-PS320U2) External HDD

Buffalo Technology has released a 320GB portable external hard drive billed as the MiniStation TurboUSB (HD-PS320U2), probably the largest capacity portable HD today.

The PS320U2 has a single 5400RPM hard drive inside, housed in a shock-resistant armored outer case with a wrap-around USB cable. That USB connector links with your PC not only for data transfer but also for power so you don’t have to lug around a brick as power source.

And because it’s USB, it’s plug-and-play. No need to fuss around for a CD to install any driver.

The new 320GB Buffalo external drive will set you back about $300 when it comes out in December. If you can’t wait, its older siblings have been around for some time; the 250GB model will cost you $190 and the 160GB version is priced at $130.

[Site: Buffalo Technology]

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