Alien Bees to unleash the Vagabond II Portable Power system

Just when you thought the Innovatronix Tronix Explorer 1200 was the most affordable portable power in town… here comes Paul Buff storming back with the Vagabond II – a portable power system said to be 3x’s as powerful as the original Vagabond 150 unit but for only $300 – the same price as the Tronix Explorer 1200!


The Vagabond Portable Power System

Price: $299.95
Release Date: Expected July 16, 2007
With the advent of the high power Zeus System we felt it necessary to provide a significantly improved Vagabond II Battery Powering Unit.

The Vagabond II is provides three times the recycle speed of Vagabond 150 (900 Watt peak power VS 300W) from a single 2nd generation PSI900 pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for Paul C. Buff, Inc. This level of power from a single inverter is necessary for high power units such as Zeus.

Containing a larger 20AH battery and built-in global charger (for 100VAC to 260VAC charging), the Vagabond II is truly plug and play with no need for the user to disconnect or reconnect cables. Protections have been added to eliminate battery charging idiosyncrasies. The Vagabond II also allows for easy battery changing and for connection to car batteries for all day shoots. Packaged in a heavy-duty nylon carry bag with padded shoulder strap, the Vagabond II is slightly smaller than the V150 / V300 and about the same weight.

Note: We are quite aware that when a product that is significantly better and cheaper than its predecessor there is always the “why didn’t you tell me you were doing a new version?” question. This is why we are making this announcement one month ahead of time and why we are offering the most painless introduction that we can for our customers. In order to be as fair as we possibly can to past Vagabond buyers we are making the following offers:

If you purchased a Vagabond any time during 2007,
you may buy the Vagabond II at a 50% discount – $149.98 (This is not a trade in – you keep both Vagabonds).

If you purchased a Vagabond between July 1, 2005 and December 31, 2006,
you may buy a Vagabond II at a 25% discount ($224.95) and keep both. Any way you do it we are confident you will find Vagabond II to be a really useful addition to our product line and to your portable shooting needs.

Please stay tuned to our website for more info on the Vagabond II as we get closer to the release date!

Published by David Griffin

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