Who’s Afraid of Polar Rose Facial Recognition Technology?

Face Scan

It’s the weekend. Let’s go find something good to read. How about facial recognition? No, not the face detection technology developed by Fujifilm for the FinePix F31fd and other camera models; but face recognition as in “Your computer will soon be able to recognize your face.”

Polar Rose of Sweden is developing an image search engine which works via a plug-in for the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers that combines computer analysis and social tagging. Its aim is to recognize a face again anytime anywhere after it has initially identified it, i.e., once your computer has seen one photo of you, it will be able to recognize you again in countless more pictures.

Is this good? Isn’t this scary? Will it ever succeed? The Guardian has a report by Ronan Fitzgerald on the facial recognition technology that has been attempted not only now but many times in the past.

[Via: Guardian Unlimited]

Published by Chris Malinao

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